Carpet Stains in Your New Home: Can Spot Dyeing Help?

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While you may have looked forward to moving into your new home, some things can make living there less than perfect. For example, if the previous owners left stains on a carpet that were hidden by furniture or rugs, then you may have gotten an unexpected shock when you moved in. In some cases, a good clean or a stain removal product takes out these stains; if that doesn't work, you might have tried a steam clean.

If the stains are stubborn, then they probably resisted all your cleaning efforts. Replacing the whole carpet may be an unacceptable stretch on your budget; however, you may be able to make the stains disappear from sight by using carpet dyeing. How does this work, and will it help you?

What Is Carpet Spot Dyeing?

Some companies dye entire carpets. As part of their services, these specialists often offer spot dyeing to deal with areas that have changed colour through problems like sun bleaching or staining.

During a spot dye, the carpet specialist mixes and applies a dye to colour the stain.  This process isn't designed to clean out the stain – it's still on the carpet - but the dye makes it look like it has gone. Basically, you're colouring in the stain to make it match the overall colour of the carpet again.

Will Spot Dyeing Deal With Your Stain?

The results you get from a carpet spot dye depend on the type and extent of the stain. For example, it's easier to dye stains that are lighter than the carpet's colour. Darker stains may need a slightly different process that leaches colour out of the stain before it is dyed. If spot dyeing isn't going to work on a dark stain, then consider having the whole carpet dyed a darker colour instead.

If you use an experienced carpet dyer with an eye for colour matching, then spot dyeing can make a stain blend into your carpet. While it may be sometimes hard to get an exact match, an effective spot treatment makes the stain look less obvious. So, at the very least, you will stop noticing it as much; visitors to your home who don't know the stain is there may not see it at all after treatment.

To find out more, call local carpet dyeing companies, tell them about your stain and find out how they can help you get rid of it.