Commercial Cleaning Tips: How to Remove Gum From Carpets and Rugs

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When you get gum in your office carpets or rugs, it often seems like the only option is cutting it out. However, before you resort to this extreme measure, you should give the following methods a try.

Freeze the Gum Before Removing

A very effective method of removing gum from carpets and rugs is to freeze it. This is a simple method you can do in the office on your own, since you probably have the items you need in the office break room. You will need a plastic bag filled with ice and a metal spoon or knife. Make sure the knife is a butter knife, not a steak or sharp knife. Start by placing the bag of ice over the gum and leaving it there for several minutes. This allows the gum to freeze. Now dispose of the gum by lifting it with your spoon or knife. If the gum is starting to stretch, it is not frozen enough yet.

Use Heat to Remove the Gum

Another helpful method for removing gum from the carpets in your office is to use heat. You will need to get your hands on a hair dryer for this method. Instead of freezing the gum, you are going to heat it up and soften it. If the gum gets soft enough, it should stick to a rag when you use it to lift the gum. Plug in the hair dryer and put it on the high setting. Point it at the gum, getting as close to it as you can without actually touching the gum. When the gum starts to look soft, press a cloth to the gum and lift it; some of the gum should lift with the cloth. Continue doing this until it is all removed. You may need to heat up the gum multiple times, as it hardens quickly.

Try Adding Grease Prior to Removal

Grease and oil are effective on gum because they both soften it while reducing how sticky it is. This makes it easier to remove from the carpet or rug. Some different ways to use grease and oil for removing gum are with peanut butter and different types of oil. Apply the peanut butter or oil to the gum, and then use a wet cloth to begin removing the gum. You may need to repeat this process a few times. In some cases, automotive lubricant oil can also be used to remove the gum.

If you continue to have problems, talk with your office cleaning company about the issue.