Checklist For Hiring Commercial Office Cleaners

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When you are thinking about hiring a commercial office cleaner for the first time, one of the most important things you can do is to create a checklist of items you want cleaned and sanitised, so that the cleaners don't miss any important areas. A checklist is also a good way for you to compare what you want done with the services a commercial cleaner provides, and may end up becoming a major factor on whom you choose to hire. Here's a checklist you can use to help get you started.






Although this is quite a thorough list, there may be items you want to add that are unique to your own office plan. And there are also specialised services that commercial cleaners offer, such as graffiti removal, exterior wall painting and rendering, which can enhance the visual appeal of your office. And when you're considering the products the cleaners will use, remember that some commercial cleaning supplies and services are eco-friendly, using 'green' products that are environmentally safe.

You may also want to add a steam cleaning for your carpets, which will incur an additional fee, but may be worth the price if you want to remove pollens, dirt and allergens from your carpet fibres. The same is true if you have wood floors and would like them refinished. Commercial cleaners can use a wood sander to remove the old finish and lay down a new finish that makes your wood floors appear new.