How to Clean the Dreaded Area Between Your Stove and Counter

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If there is one place that's hard to clean during a deep cleaning job, it's that small area between the stove and wall and/or counter. If it's left unchecked, oil, food and spillage start to pile up so bad that the whole strip of floor would need its own altitude map because of the gunk that accumulates. It also hardens and coagulates, making it very hard to clean. Here are some solutions to restore your floor to its pristine beginnings:

  1. Preparatory soaking

If you've ever left a pan with leftover grease alone for a day and then tried to clean it, you'll know the pains of continuous scrubbing. If you don't soak the floor gunk, this will happen to the dirt in that in-between area too, and you'll never be able to clean it entirely. Here are some options:

  1. Pour a lot of dish soap over the area, and spread it around with a sponge. Let it sit for half a day before starting to clean.
  2. If nothing else works, try Trysodium Phosphate (also sold as "TSP"). Used by painters to degrease walls before a new paintjob, it can remove dirt, grease, mildew, and other unpleasantness if left long enough. Keep it off the surfaces you don't want cleaned, as it can be highly corrosive. The ratio you should be working with is ¼ - ½ tablespoon of TSP in a gallon of water; different brands may have different proportion requirements, so make sure to check the packaging. Use gloves, and avoid contact with skin. Let it sit for 2 minutes and start scrubbing at the area.

Make sure to keep the area closed off from children and pets, they could ingest or touch the chemicals and it may make them sick!

  1. Actual cleaning
  1. Start off by scraping off the gunk from its roots with a metal spatula or another similar tool with a thin edge. This will, at the very least, loosen up the base, if not remove the gunk altogether.
  2. After giving the dirt the spatula treatment, continue with a wire sponge (they're usually used for scrubbing pots, can be found at any supermarket). Scrub in circular motions, applying a good deal of pressure, and rinsing the wire sponge often between them.
  3. Finally, use a regular sponge to give the area the last cleaning finish. If there's anything left, use the spatula or the wire sponge again.

Many people put off that place in the kitchen when it comes to cleaning, put off by the mountains of dirt that can accumulate in a very short time. However, to make it pristine again you just need a bit of patience and some chemicals. To learn more, contact a company like Collings Property Services Pty Ltd.