How To Remove Wet And Dry Paint Stains From A Sofa

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If you are decorating and haven't taken the correct preparations, it can be easy to spill paint onto the fabric of your sofa. By the time you have finished the job, the paint mark has dried into the sofa. Or, perhaps paint was accidentally spilled and you need to remove it while it is wet. Knowing how to deal with both situations can help restore your sofa after a paint spill. Take a look at how to remove paint stains.

Oil Based Paint Stains On A Sofa

During the manufacturing process, white spirit is used to thicken the paint, and this is why oil based paints are more difficult to remove than latex based paints. Here's how to deal with wet and dry oil based paint stains:

Latex Based Paint Stains On A Sofa

Latex paints are made with water during manufacturing, so this is the substance to turn to when removing this type of paint from a sofa.

It is important to dab at the paint and not scrub at it, as this will spread the paint around. For more information contact a business such as Busy Bell.