Professional Cleaners | 3 Great Ways To Prep For Cleaning Services

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Preparing your home for professional cleaning services involves a lot more than moving around furniture and organising a convenient date. Home preps require careful consideration regarding areas you want cleaned and informing the cleaning services accordingly. You also need to ensure that all clutter is removed from the floor, so that cleaning services can move around easily without missing out on key areas in the home.

If you're nervous and don't know what to do, you simply need to call the professionals and ask them what they need. Here are some splendid ways to prep your home for cleaning services:

Plan an Advance Cleaning Instruction Checklist

When it is for home or office cleaning, preparing a checklist of items that require cleaning is always smart − this way the cleaning company is well aware of your expectations. Discuss any special cleaning needs in advance that you may have for your home, so cleaning services can come prepared with the right tools and equipment.

For example, some deep fibre carpets may be able to withstand only dry carpet cleaning methods and will get damaged with steam carpet cleaning − be sure to inform the cleaning services in advance to avoid irreparable damage.

You may even want your oven or fridge cleaned foremost − let them know. Remember that cleaning services are not miracle mind readers. If you want them to focus on a specific area, be clear with your instructions in advance.

Remove Floor Clutter and Furniture  

Cleaning services are contracted to rid the home off dirt, not of your clutter like unruly toys, dishes, papers and bags. Yes, a little tidiness goes a long way in saving time and letting the professionals do their job of cleaning − they don't need to tidy up the space. If you don't want anything to get damaged during the cleaning process, you may want to put it away from the rooms that require cleaning.

While cleaning services are usually efficient, there's always the chance of scratches and abrasions appearing. Get the furniture out of the room for better cleaning results. You can always put away your furniture in the garage till the cleaning job is completely over for the best possible outcome. When floors are easy to manoeuvre through, cleaning services are likely to do a better job.

Kids Allergies

If your kids have any specific allergies and breathing difficulties like asthma, it's best to let the cleaning services know before they use any chemical-cleaning agents that will aggravate these problems. For example, cleaning agents with pungent odours like ammonia can make asthma worse and should be completely avoided. It always helps to discuss these details with cleaning services in advance, so they prepare their cleaning regime accordingly.

A little advance preparation before the cleaning services arrive will ensure a stress-free process. To learn more, contact a company like SKG Pty Ltd.