Steam Cleaning: How it is done and its benefits

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Keeping your carpet clean is important because it will ensure that it lasts long, it will be appealing and it is also healthy. There are several methods through which you can get rid of dirt and stains from your carpet. Steam cleaning is popular in the cleaning of carpets, but some people do not understand how it works so they can go for this option. The following article explains what steam cleaning is and its benefits.

How Steam Cleaning Is Done

Steam cleaning utilizes vaporized water to get rid of dirt on your carpets. A steam cleaner is easy to use, and with the simple instructions, you can do the cleaning by yourself. The cleaner has a water tank where you pour clean water. The tank has an element that is used to heat the water to a temperature that will enhance the creation of steam. There is a button that you press, and this helps transfer the steam through a hose. A cleaning cloth is attached to the hose. Steam is continuously produced until water in the tank is exhausted.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Superior Dirt Removal- The heat from the steam meets the carpet fibers, weakening the bonds that allow staining compounds and dirt to stick to the fibers. This helps in breaking down the dirt and leaves your carpet clean. This same principle is what makes washing clothes in hot water very effective. Vapor will reach the deepest layer of your carpet, offering better cleaning than what vacuuming would do. The deep penetration of a steam cleaner ensures that no allergens are left on your carpet.

 Environment Friendly- If you clean your carpet with a steam cleaner, you do not have to worry about causing damage to the environment. This is because steam cleaning only needs water to leave your carpet sparkling clean. This is unlike shampoos that use chemicals, which will in turn leave your carpets with residue. These chemicals are a danger to your children and pets because they are toxic. You would not want your family to come into contact with these chemicals. Steam cleaning also helps in sterilizing pollutants that found their way into your carpet before or during the cleaning process.  

Kills Bacteria- Getting rid of bacteria that is on your carpet can be quite challenging. Using a brush to clean your carpet can remove any solid dirt, but bacteria will still be present. When using steam cleaning, the heat from the steam will help kill bacteria.

For more information, contact a local carpet steam cleaning service.