3 Tips for Caring for Your Leather Couch

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Leather is one of the most elegant and durable materials that you can use for your furniture. A leather couch or recliner in your living room adds a classy touch to the room and makes it look visually appealing. So, if you have one of these pieces in your homes, it is good to maintain it so that you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal that comes with such a classy piece of furniture. That said, just like other pieces of furniture, your leather couch requires attention to last for decades and preserve its beautiful appearance. This article will go into some simple tips that you can follow to keep your couch looking new and attractive.

Place it away from the sun

UV radiation from the sun can damage leather and cause it to fade over time. For this reason, you need to ensure that the couch is far away from the direct path of the sun. Avoid placing your couch next to a window or directly facing a glass door to minimize the damaging effects of solar radiation. However, if you have to place it near a window, make sure that you close the drapes or blinds during the day to block out the sun. That said, make sure that you don't place your leather furniture outside, either. If you need a couch for your patio, go for another material that will not fade when exposed to direct sunlight.

Clean spills immediately

Food and drink spills not only leave an ugly patch on your couch, but the colour can also permanently transfer onto the couch. Avoid this by cleaning spills as soon as they happen. Use your dishwashing liquid and a wet piece of cloth to spot clean the area. You can also use this cleaning method to get rid of dirt and dust. Avoid harsh detergents and bleaches, as they will cause damage to the material. Also, do not use too much water to wet the couch. If water spills on the sofa, dry it off using a towel—do not leave it to air dry.

Keep pets away

Your dog or cat may love hopping onto your furniture, but their paws will leave marks and scratches on the leather. Covering up these marks will require professional help. Therefore, keep the pets away from your leather furniture. Alternatively, you can use a throw blanket or throw mat to protect the seat when the pets are playing on it.

Follow these tips to protect your leather sofa and maintain its appearance. Also, contact a professional upholstery cleaning company for occasional cleaning.